Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy laundry! ups... Happy New Year !

Happy New Year for you, and for everyone we love! We wish you a year with a lot of health, joy, kitties and luck! Thank you all the friends that wished us a good 2011!
Its been a while i´ve write a entry, but Christmas time was in between. I passed for the first time the Christmas in Belgium. It was very cozy, dreamy and special, as it was the first Christmas of my beloved niece. She is already 3 months, and she is doing so wel here, in this world =) She is so so so nice for everybody, always smiling and never crying! Clara even for the first time laughed out loud 2 days ago to M. Lampe! Still we missed the rest of the family that stayed in Portugal... Because of that i will celabrate the christmas again in February when i met my uncles and counsin again! what can you ask more than two christmas?
The new year´s eve was at my sister´s place! Me and M. Lampe brought a berries´ cold pie made by myself =D i must admit i did it a bit stressed because it always needs time on the fridge before its ready, but the godness of the cold-pies was with me and remind me to put it on the freezer.
We ended up at Matti´s place at 3 am for a little chat against political loose-r-s ups leaders who don´t pay taxes... 
Our 5 wishes for this year are:
-drink more water
-go more times to the laundry
-finish this academic year with good marks
-buy a vacuum cleaner
-go to some music festival this summer

The exams are coming in some days, i feel a bit anxious as i still don´t feel comfortable writing and studying in dutch. However, i should trust myself more and simply pretend i rock on dutch =D




  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
    hehe, entao como foram essas festas? Recebeste mtas prendinhas?
    A proposito de ir a um Festival de Musica, eu e um amigo vamos ao PinkPop (na Holanda) por isso se voces quiserem vir estejam a vontade ;)
    Eu vou celebrar o meu Natal e Ano novo daqui a semana e meia :D
    Tou com uma vontade de la estar do caraças hehe
    E de comer francesinhas :p
    Beijinhos Grandes e desejo-te um super ano 2011
    Até Breve!!!

    ps: boa sorte com os exames.. e para quem nao se sente mto a vontade com o holandes ja chegaste mto longe por isso tenho a certeza k tudo se vai passar bem ;)

  2. Eis um comentário muito filosófico: Comprar um aspirador é uma façanha!uma odisseia!!
    E um segundo Natal? Ah pois vai ser!!Afinal Natal é quando uma mulher quiser, não é?
    Um GrGrbjinho (esta tá boa!)

  3. I agree with all of your goals! I would love to go to a music festival this summer, it must happen!

  4. That's amazing, we share 4 out of 5 resolutions for the year. And it's just because we recently bought a washing machine!
    I like your blog by the way :)

  5. Fingers crossed for yours new year resolutions:)
    ...and thank you for following:)

  6. @Ricardo - O natali foi fixi ^^ mais envelopes que prendas! fomos todos para Oudnaarde :) a Clarinha passeou na neve! aah pinkpop!?o M. Lampe adorava ir, mas éno meio dos exames...ainda temos que apalpar terreno:D

    @guida- não sei porque mas os teus comentarios fazem-me sempre rir :D outro facto muito filosofico: encontramos um aspirador por 40 € amanha vamos buscar-lo :D!

    @Lo indeed it must happen :D i didn´t went last summer, and i kinda miss it :D

    @Elisa uau, so funny that somebody has the same resolutions for this year! the vacum cleaner i just found one today, i might pick it tomorrow for only 40 € ihihi

    @VintageGoa you´re welcome, i don´t want to miss a thing on your blog =o)

  7. You can do it! Those are great, but very achievable new year wishes! Good luck :D

    Aya of Strawberry Koi

  8. Já compraste o aspirador?

    *As Joínhas* =D

  9. @Aya Simth today i already tryed to drink more water, but i ended up on a long process of urination (does this word existe?)

    @Joínhas: olha escapou-se! compramos amanha :D

  10. Chatisse! (com a tal entoação)

  11. Que vergonha!! Chatice com dois ss... =\ ora que maçada!


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