Monday, January 31, 2011

honey bunny will be sad but

Next Saturday i will take a flight to Portugal to visit my family and friends. It´s always a strange feeling; in one hand i want so hard to see my beloved ones, but in the other hand, leaving M. Lampe for a week is very difficult! Experience tells me that on the moment i arrive in Lisbon and see my parents, i get so happy that i only start to miss M. Lampe when its time to fall asleep! After 2 days, my concentration level is a bit lower as my mind start to travel to Ghent... thinking about my sweet beautiful niece and sister. However, time goes fast, so i decided to have my sweet belgian apples (honey bunny, sister and niece) on my mind, and enjoy, the maximum i can, my staying in Portugal! I´m really looking forward to it!

A little fact. Me and M. Lampe got a visit the other day from a drunk old lady  that asked us to search a cat in the basement. If it's about finding a cat, i stop everything i am doing! But she was very drunk and her sized breasts didn´t give her a lot of balance. According to her story, her job was finding lost cats, and she was very good succeed. I asked myself if there was so much work, because she stank so bad (and having 10 cats at home is no excuse). Ms Marina (her name) promised to bring us a present, but we never saw her again =D




  1. Acho que por muito que sintas falta de ca estar vais acabar de te perder por la! Especialmente por teres os teus amigos a vir ter ctg a familia e o caraças! Quando te deitares vais pensar nos teus queridos de ca mas tambem das pessoas de la :)
    Espero que tenhas uma semana do caraças!!! :D
    Lol chegaste a perguntar a mulher se ela ja estava a guardar dois outros gatos dentro do soutien? ;)
    Beijinhos !!!
    ps: espero que a tua casa nao arrebente... ja falaste com o proprietario?

  2. Opahn Ricardo, nem imaginas o que ri com a tua dos gatos dentro do soutien :D eheheh o teu humor é fantastico :) mais uma vez obrigada pelas palavras! eu tb tenho a certeza que quando lá chegar vou adorar!!! ihhhh ^^
    O tanque de gasolina é do proprietario=P serve para servir a maquina que aquece 22 studios=P caraças...

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog :)
    I really like all the colours in your blog and that header and all the other decorations! Very cute layout!

    Have fun in Portugal :)

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  4. Nice story, did the lady find the cat in the end? Hope you have fun in Portugal, the thought of pastels de nata makes my mouth water! x

  5. oh no, when heart-joy and heart-pain mix...hope you'll still have a lovely time in Portugal!

  6. Aproveita MUITO esta semana que vem... se eu pudesse, iria também com a Clara =)!

    Beijinhos e até já!

  7. old ladies always seem to follow cats. You're adorable!


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