Sunday, January 9, 2011

what we did last summer

M. Lampe went to visit his parents yesterday, so every time he goes away i have to open my book of memories to fulfill my mind before sleeping (insteed of talking for hours with him)! I found this photo from this summer! We were passing the holidays with my parents in Praia do Vau , and i just invaded the bathroom while he was still showering!
I also review the photos from Castanheira de Pêra but i still have to digitalize them as they were take with an analog camera (Olympus 35 rc). We had a lot of fun there till i got my loyal sun allergy that have been follow me since i can remember my existence =P. Anyway we were camping 2 meter from the river, and it was an incredible and lovely experience, specially for my blader that was always begging to pee after hearing the lovely river´s sounds...
Neuza passed last 2 nights with us, she is having some problems, and we are trying to make her smile more :) i cooked bifinhos com cogumelos e natas and yes... we ate again fries =D damn...




  1. Missing a person when you dont see him for two days how sweet :)

  2. That's really sweet! Great blog! Come visit me at

  3. Cada vez arranjas algo de novo para falar :)
    Muito bom mesmo!!
    és alérgica ao solzinho? :(
    Por isso é que és branquinha!! Mas acho que se te visse morena nao te reconhecia lol :D
    E já agora.. mesmo que não conheça a Neuza, boa sorte para ela :)

    Beijinhos e até breve!!!

  4. @<Halle! you´re sweet! i will take a look at your blog :)

    @Ricardo, eu nem nunca me vi morena:D tentei mas resultou em noites sem dormir...


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