Tuesday, December 14, 2010

we have a pagan tree!

Also known as christmas tree! That´s right, before some guys decided to impose some wrong interpretation of a book (bible) people used to celebrate the Winter Solstice, the shortest day in the year (20-23 of December). So pagans (those immoral dudes that worshiped the devil) used to cut some pine trees to decorate their house, to remind them to hold strong the freezing winter- as pine trees are very green even in the lowest degrees :)
And this is why me and M. Lampe got a lovely tree called Adelaide!!! still deciding if we decorate it or not... i know that in old times in northern europe they used fruit and candles to decorate this trees... candles, with my genious luck i might get the house on fire (FIRE IT UP FIRE IT UP) which is kind costly for a poor student, so maybe we use some bananas (or clementines)...
And because i don´t like to boast at all, take a look at my first liquor :D i just say this: Matti, who doesn´t drink for more than 2 years, drunk it joyfully!




  1. And fresh onions :p

  2. A parte do "FIRE IT UP" fez-me rir, pela razão que tu sabes ;) Beijinhooos, Joana

  3. pois o fire it up foi dedicado a ti:D

  4. A mim, ao Iggy e à Molly, quando estão possuídos! =D

  5. Eu quero é ver o efeito do licor!!
    Algum video disso? :p

  6. até agora não temos, :D mas é delicioso!


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