Monday, December 13, 2010

good weekend

I have jury for my drawings next thursday, which is a very important moment in the academic year! So me and M. Lampe went to Ronse to pick 2 drawings that were there on vacation! Was funny and boring! Ronse is a city that has music on the streets every sunday (christina aguilera and gorillaz), but it was a saturday, so there was no fun anymore. However most shops were open, and the funny thing was, all shops less places to eat... we still had an hour and half to wait for the train back, and we were starving... luckily we found "panos" almost closing, having time enough to buy some strange stuff to eat=P
Yesterday, the parents of M. Lampe were here, and we had a good time with cookies, tea, coffee and rombout (if you have the luck to live near Julien just pick his speciality- rombout [fries stoofvlees sauce joppie sauce dry onions mexicano and viagra).
I can not forget to mention that his mother noticed my huge laundry, and offered her help to wash it :) very sweet of her, i might accept it before the dirty laundry invade this house :D



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