Sunday, December 5, 2010

Imagine you find out that your parents have a blog where they wrote for years about their lifes, about when they bought their first camera, when they went to the north with a VW van, about the new supermarket in the corner, about their feelings when they found out they were expecting YOU.
Internet is recent thing, so, no...i didn´t found out their story. But i do want to write my story, as regulary as possible, or as regulary as i feel like :) .
This is a gift for me, for you and for everybody we know. A bad written story (my english is not great) about the little and big things of life!

Hope you like it M. Lampe




  1. mimi is happi =) teresa

  2. ohh teresinha! a belgica realmente guardava alguem especial para mim :) compensa a saudade que tenho de quem deixei em terra natal!

  3. Voltei a ver o vídeo, gosto IMENSO!

    Ass: a tua joínha =D

  4. Olha a minha Clarinha já enfiada na internetiiii :D <3 brigades mushi mushi à mãe! ass. mia miau fufu

  5. oh, hahaha, the part with that blinking-smiling cooking pot is 100% pure gold and genius!!!! damn, this IS world-class, wow, I luv this!!!!! :) and the rest is neat too... ;) bestest, me! s.

  6. Simon!! i thought about using the music new slang, but i thought i could leave it for next time you pass here we do a genious gold film too ^^ the music is waiting for you!**** Mia miau

  7. :) que doce! É tão bom ver-te feliz...


  8. Lol a unica coisa que falta neste video é que quando estvas a "descer as escadas" devias ter caido no fim :p
    Isto é mesmo mto bom! O piscar de olhos.. o momento no bar com as luzes a rodar!
    Tens um emenso futuro na mundo da arte!
    E a musica é lindissima, que musica é esta?
    Beijinhos **

  9. ricardo a musica é "coconut records"
    Ana minha amojinha! :) tenho saudades.....

    mia miau


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